What do we do

Custom lottery applications developments

We create personalized lottery applications, according to the specifications and requirements of each client. We can create lottery portals of any type, local or international, traditional or instant, individual or for clubs.

Attractive, intuitive and mobile-optimized designs

We design online lottery portals with a style that reflects the corporate image of the companies and that adapt to mobile devices. We create an easy-to-use and visually pleasing interface that captures users' attention and makes it easier for them to use.

Secure, efficient and scalable programming

We develop with the latest technologies and standards on the market. We guarantee optimal performance, with fast loading speed, smooth navigation and fail-safe security. Everything, so that you can constantly grow and evolve.

Integration with authorized lottery systems

We integrate the applications with the management and marketing systems of authorized lottery operators. Thus, we can offer to the users a wide variety of draws and gaming options, with the maximum legal guarantee.

Secure and flexible payment systems

We incorporate secure and flexible payment systems that simplify the transaction flows. We integrate different payment methods, such as cards, transfers, electronic wallets and other local services such as Bizum, PayGold, and many others in the various markets.

Notification, communication and loyalty systems

We have a notification, communication and loyalty systems that keep users informed. Messages such as draw results, prizes, news and promotions and more, through email, SMS, integrated messaging and other options. All with the purpose of making the user experience optimal.

About us

We are a company specialized in the development of applications in the lottery sector. We create personalized solutions, adapted to the needs and expectations of each client, using the latest technologies and complying with current legal and safety regulations.

We have a team of highly qualified professionals passionate about the sector with years of experience. Our vision is to offer a comprehensive, personalized and quality solution that adapts to each need and expectation.

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